Fit and healthy at 56

sometimes you need a reminder that age is nothing but a number! you can do whatever you set your mind to...the only thing that can stop you from doing what you want is..YOU! you can be Fit and healthy at 56;

  • want to loose weight? - take 1 step at the time and you will achieve it!
  • want to run a marathon? - start working towards it.
  • is it climbing the highest mountain your goal? - train for it!

to be fit and healthy, just remember that our mind controls our body so, what you set your mind to do, you will achieve!

while researching for this post, came across this  article on Prevention about 60 year old people being Fit and energetic; the article below did touch my heart for her bravery and never giving up, not forgetting how amazing she looks!

"With more than 70 marathons and seven Ironman competitions under her belt, Cooper has definitely set herself apart. She started as a runner, then began doing triathlons and ultra-marathons, and then switched to adventure racing. And just to spice up the mix, the 5'2" owner of four rescue dogs mixes in international expedition racing and mountain climbing.

The biggest challenge the divorced schoolteacher and race director has faced is breast cancer—twice. In 1998, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease; at the age of 44, Cooper was told she had 2 years to live. She lucked into treatment with an experimental new drug (coincidentally developed by a close friend) that had been submitted for FDA approval. As she healed, she managed to keep teaching, gleaning a sense of normalcy plus energy and strength from her students. "When you lose control over your body with a disease like cancer, you can still keep control of your mind," 

if you want to read more about stories like Louise Cooper, just go to:

to be Fit and Healthy at 56, meditation will help control your mind and set it to achieve what you want and also excellent to relax!


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