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on my quest to find out what the future holds for us in terms of future of batteries smart phones chargers, in these times where everything is so dependable in the quick charge system for smart phones, smarthomes and wearables, I stumbled across this very interesting article that talks a little bit about the future of batteries and whats to come in 2019!


"...Capturing energy from Wi-Fi

While wireless inductive charging is common, being able to capture energy from Wi-Fi or other electromagnetic waves remains a challenge. A team of researchershowever has developed a rectenna (radio wave harvesting antenna) that is only several atoms think, making it incredibly flexible. 

The idea is that devices can incorporate this molybdenum disulphide-based rectenna so that AC power can be harvested from Wi-Fi in the air and converted to DC, either to recharge a battery or power a device directly. That could see powered medical pills without the need for an internal battery (safer for the patient), or mobile devices that don't need to be connected to a power supply to recharge..."

in this article also mention that us, human beings, could be the source of power for our device. although, they say it might still be a while before we see it, studies are being carried out in that direction.

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these are exciting news for those that are looking for a fast eco-friendly charging way.




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